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This updated and revised second edition of Advanced Introduction to International Conflict and Security Law provides a concise and insightful guide to the key principles of international law governing peacetime security, arms control, the use of force, armed conflict and postconflict situations. Nigel D. White explores the complex legal regimes that have been created to control levels of armaments, to limit the occasions when governments can use military force, to mitigate the conduct of warfare and to build peace.

  • Preface vi

  • List of abbreviations viii

  1. 1Basic conditions of peace and security 1
  2. 2Arms control law 14
  3. 3The use of force in international law 31
  4. 4The regulation of private violence 54
  5. 5Collective security law 70
  6. 6The law of armed conflict 99
  7. 7Post-conflict law 132
  8. 8Peace and justice 156
  • Index 168