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Litigating disputes in international civil and commercial cases presents a number of special challenges. Which country's courts have jurisdiction, and where is it advantageous to sue? Given the international elements of the case, which country's law will the court apply? Finally, if a successful plaintiff cannot find enough local assets, what does it take to have the judgement recognized and enforced in a country with assets? This extensively updated second edition Advanced Introduction addresses these questions, providing a concise overview of the field.

Peter Hay is L.Q.C. Lamar Professor of Law Emeritus at Emory University in Atlanta and Honorary Professor at the University of Freiberg, Germany. He previously served as Alumni Distinguished Professor of Law at the University of Illinois and as Universitätsprofessor at the University of Dresden (Germany). He has held visiting appointments at Bucerius Law School in Hamburg, the Universities of Bonn and Freiburg, the Central European University in Budapest, and at Stanford Law School. He holds honorary doctorates from Pecs University, Hungary, and Bucerius in Germany. He is a titular member of the International Academy of Comparative Law and a life member of the American Law Institute. He has published widely on Conflict of Laws in American and European journals and is the co-author of the leading American treatise on the subject.