Elgar Advanced Introductions to Law Online

These titles are stimulating and thoughtful introductions to major fields in Law, expertly written by the world's leading scholars. Designed to be accessible yet rigorous, they offer concise and lucid surveys of the issues associated with discrete subject areas.

The aims of the series are two-fold; to pinpoint essential principles of a particular field, and to offer insights that stimulate critical thinking. By distilling the vast amount of information available on the subject area into a concise and meaningful form, the volumes serve as accessible introductions for undergraduate and graduate students coming to the subject for the first time. Importantly, they also develop well-informed, nuanced critiques of the field that will challenge and extend the understanding of advanced students, scholars and policy-makers.

These books are also available to buy in print.

Current Titles
Contracted Titles
  • Advanced Introduction to International Commercial Arbitration - George Bermann
  • Advanced Introduction to International Criminal Law - Fausto Pocar
  • Advanced Introduction to International Patent Law - Joseph Straus
  • Advanced Introduction to International Antitrust - Andrew I. Gavil and Elizabeth Kraus
  • Advanced Introduction to International Law of the Sea - Tullio Treves
  • Advanced Introduction to International Investment Law - August Reinisch
  • Advanced Introduction to Trade Mark Law - Annette Kur
  • Advanced Introduction to Alternative Dispute Resolution - Deborah R. Hensler
  • Advanced Introduction to Comparative Administrative Law - Paul Craig
  • Advanced Introduction to Transnational Law - Peer Zumbansen
  • Advanced Introduction to Transnational Commercial Law - Peter Winship
Future developments

We have an active programme to commission new titles and new editions for the series. We welcome suggestions from libraries and instructors for titles that they would like to see in their collection.